A friend of mine asked me today whether or not I can pick up on peoples energies working with them so intimately. 

As a massage therapist you are generally seeing people when they aren’t at their best. They have come to you because they are stressed or sore or often a combination. They feel a bit “all over the place”. 

"Sensing energy" sounds pretty cosmic to me. I may have grown up near Nimbin and Byron but I’m not exactly a star-child. But there is certainly moods and rhythms that you pick up on. Everyone picks up on these things. Its not always some ones face or tone of voice that gives away their emotions, "energy" can be felt too.

So yes. Today i had a good experience with a client so my energy is up. I feel calm and relaxed, the way they did when they left.

But other days, usually when I see many clients in a row, I feel like I need a long shower or something to wash off all that negativity and pain. And its not nessassarily that i didnt feel the massage went well, but more that they left some of their personal baggage on the table for me to take on. And this is without saying a word. 

My Dad once warned me to protect myself from bad vibes ( what a hippy) and he mentioned some of these techniques to use if I start finding myself getting bogged down with nameless feelings.

Tips on how to protect yourself from other’s negative energy:

River technique

Imagine your energy flowing. I imagine mine is a glowing white light and it pulses through my whole body like my blood. Imagine that you have an opening from out of your head, for the negative energy to leave and the positive energy to enter. You are a forever changing state of energy - like a river - and the poisonous “water” leaves the system just as quickly as it enters. 

Smudge sticks

Smoking out rooms are a very tangible way of clearing spaces with negative energies and indigenous cultures all over the world have been doing it for centuries. Burning bunches of  herbs such as sage or lavender so it smokes around the room/yourself or someone else is a very powerful way to rid bad vibes. Anything that smokes is effective in my opinion. (except, like, cigarettes..) I uses some nice incense in the same way - light it up walk around the space letting the smoke purify the room. It’s a great refreshing ritual after a long session with clients and leaves the room smelling amazing for hours.


Breath in good, breath out bad. Giant breaths of air are awesome ways to shake off those pesky downers, as it slows your heart rate, connects the brain to the body and gives you a second to evaluate why you feel shitty. If you cant pin point it thats ok, just keep breathing till you feel better.


Sometimes music is necessary to alter moods, and if those negative vibes are coming out of someone’s mouth then, tune into the good stuff, and turn it up! 


 I love the ocean. If i lived right next to one I would have a swim between each and every client. I find this the most basic and simple energy clearing technique. Wham into a waves and suddenly you are a new person. Unfortunately I dont live right by the sea. But a bath or shower will do too. And so will a spray bottle. I use some rose water on my face between client ( as well as washing the hell out of my hands!!) to freshen up. Water is the ultimate purifier, especially when you imagine it working - similar to the first energy river technique - new water comes and washes bad vibes right off you.

Let me know if you have any other energy advice, I’d love to hear about it if you tried any of these also!!

love peace and massage!


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